About D.M. Penny Press

My name is David Gray and my primary vocation is engineering, with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I have always enjoyed the creative process and although both my degrees are technical, both involved a great deal of creativity. In addition to the creative nature of my vocation I have also explored photography, taking classes at both the Worcester Art Museum and the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA). Later, in the early 90's, I studied pottery for several years at NHIA.

My grandfather was a letterpress printmaker his whole life, starting as an apprentice in 1913 and eventually becoming the President and owner of the Brown and Morrison Publishing Company in Lynchburg VA. Because of this, I always wanted to try printmaking, but the years passed, and never found the opportunity to pursue that dream. In 2012 I discovered that NHIA offered a certificate program in printmaking. I have been studying there since 2012 working towards a certificate in Printmaking.

I have decided to create my own open printmaking studio in Manchester NH. The studio opened in December 2015. I hope to create an open, environmentally friendly, collaborative environment to become a creative focal point for printmakers in Southern NH. To honor my grandfather, his inspiration and life long commitment to the art, I am naming the company after him: DM Penny Press.

David Gray