A Child Of God

Hannah, we have all been waiting

So long for you to arrive.

At last you are here,

Smiling, breathing, so alive.

The day you were born,

Seemed so far away.

We know that God

Has blessed us this day.

Hannah, with one small smile,

You bring us joy.

With one small hand,

You hold our hearts.

As we hold you in our arms,

Safe, away from harm.

In your innocence,

God is there.

Telling us, this miracle of life,

I've heard your prayers.

We know, that just to be with you,

Will be the best days of our lives.

Hannah, from the day you were born,

Until your life fades away.

God wants you to be well,

He is never far away.

Each day that passes,

Each day you breathe the air.

Listen with your heart,

Always be aware.

Hannah, be thankful for his gifts,

Free will the greatest of all.

He will speak to you in many ways,

If you listen carefully, you may not fall.

Find your path, have patience,

For sometimes the going will be slow.

Let God's love be your guide,

Follow his light where ever it may go.

Hannah, today is the day we celebrate,

We thank God he has given you as our child.

Entrusted to us, to love, to raise,

To provide shelter from the wild.

To love you as he would,

His love and our love the same.

As you grow,

You will always have our name.

But if anyone asks who you are,

Tell them you are a child of God.

David Gray