A Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day,

Again the clouds floated away.

The hot sun, blue sky, surrounded by a distant curtain of haze.

Dripping, we climbed in the hot humid air, a brief scramble, a vertical maze.

Stopping now and again, to admire the view.

Our backs, covered with sweat, a sip of water, a hello to a hiker or two.

Onward we pushed, finally reaching the ridge.

Standing alone, our protection gone, exposed on this spectacular bridge.

The earth reaches out, an attempt to touch,

Pushed from below, seeking so much.

The rocks, weathered and bare, like the bones of some long dead beast.

Years ago, life, the trees, devoured by fire, in a wild frenzied feast.

Refreshed by the wind, walking alone, following, where the pylons were made.

Ancient, silent, sentries of stone, their for our aid.

She is the first to reach the top, she has lead the whole way.

Fulfilling the wishes of a small child earlier that day.

We find a spot, sheltered from the wind.

Like the grass and the flowers already there, we settle in.

The view is fantastic, gazing out, slowly the land disappears.

We talk, enjoy our snack, everything so clear.

The hawks, riding the thermals, effortless, they soar.

As do our thoughts, remembering, and wishing to explore more.

They make it seem so easy, masters of the sky.

Grounded, stretching out on the warm rocks, side by side, we lie.

I taste the salt on her lips, soft caresses, a gentle touch.

Holding on, she settles in my arms, I am enjoying the moment so very much.

If I had the power, I would use my will.

To stop the earth, for time to stand still.

Enjoying, happy for this day, and trying my best.

But slowly the sun moves to the west.

Its getting late, its time to descend,

We make our way down, pausing now and again,

Maybe, hoping, the day won't end.

Reaching the bottom, its all I can say.

What a wonderful day.

David Gray