Joey went out on a Friday, by Saturday

He hadn't returned, but by Sunday	

I knew he was in trouble.

Finally, by Monday, arriving home late

After my Visual Studies class, I fully

Expected him to run out from under a

Bush and complain in his usual protest

(Where the hell have you been.)

But nothing, silence.

In the weeks to come, I go out and call his

Name. Check is favorite haunts. I left

Food where only Joey would look. Every now

And then I heard a single reply. Was it

My imagination? Each morning I'd check the

Bowl, finally the food looked disturbed, but I

Discovered Jays will eat anything, even cat food!

Joey, the cat I loved to hate, always ripping the

Carpet, tufts of hair on the chairs, or weaving

In and out of my legs on the stairs.

He would follow Misty and I on our daily walks, my

Neighbors would often say “You know there's

A cat following you”. Sometimes he would sneak up

On Misty and pounce. It was always fun to watch

Them play.

I still hope I'll see him again someday, but

I know 5 minutes later, he'll do something

To make me wish he'd go away.

David Gray


A year later I caught a glimpse of Joey in the back yard
But mostly, Joey haunts
My dreams