The studio has moved to a new, larger suite, 2005-D, and is now over 800 sft. I have added 3 additional work stations and have acquired a NuArc 26-1K plate burner, and should be able offer photolithography as a printing option later in the summer. D.M. Penny Press is an open studio, the equipment is shared by all members, and its the resposibility of each member to keep the studio clean and organized.

The studio is non-toxic in that I will strive to only allow the safest procedures for making prints, its solvent-free, no petroleum based products are allowed. Oil inks are fine and vegetable oil is used for cleanup. So far, I have the following studio equipment available for use:

  • Access to a Windows and Mac laptops, can setup up accounts if desired
  • WIFI Network
  • Basic Cable and LED TV, DVD Player. The TV is connected to the Windows laptop, and great for You Tube videos
  • Small Ink Jet Printer and scanner
  • Small laser printer
  • Slide/Negative scanner
  • Small Refridgerator
  • Small microwave
  • Small Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Small oven for heating plates applied with BIG resist (Not for food)
  • Hair dryers
  • Heat gun
  • Conrad E-15 etching press
  • Conrad E-24 etching press with micro gages
  • Kelsey 9x13 letter press along with type
  • UV Light box for solar plates
  • NuArc 26-1K Plate burner for photolithography (avaiable later in the summer of 2016)
  • Cutting Mat
  • Small Guilloteen Paper Cutter, can also cut solar plate
  • Work tables, counter space and stools
  • Portable luminated tracing pad
  • Tear bars, brayers and knifes
  • Sink
  • Two Small Etching tanks containing Edinburgh Etch (up to 8x10 plate)
  • DC Electro-etching tank using salt water
  • Drying rack (4x6 with 50 racks)
  • Homasote Boards for flattening prints (24"x32")
  • Plastic bins for personal storage
  • Flat file storage
  • Basic tools: Dremel, Drill, Jigs, Hammer, Saws
  • Several magnifying glasses
  • Eye wash station and other safety equipment
  • Small library of art and printmaking books
  • Fatigue floor mats
  • News print paper
  • Rags
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Spray booth for acrylic aquatinting
  • Airbrush for acrylic aquatinting

You are responsible for supplying your own paper and inks and other printmaking equipment you need.

Click on the Membership button on the navigation bar at the top of the page for membership costs and benefits.

NOTE: The studio is solvent-free, there are no petroleum based products in use in the studio, however, I have recently acquired a Kelsey 9x13 letter press, solvents will probably be needed to clean the type once its set up.

NOTE: There is no ventalation hood, any products or processes that need ventalation need to be performed before coming into the studio.